Freddy Todd Impresses On Mind-Bending New ‘WRECKULOUS’ EP

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For years now Freddy Todd has continued to churn out some of the most intricate experimental bass we’ve ever heard. Having impressed time and time again with a slew of incredible releases, today the Detroit-based bass bringer has delivered yet another wild project with his new WRECKULOUS EP.

Freddy Todd’s really upped the ante with this latest offering. As the multi-talented artist has always pushed the boundaries of electronic music with his unique, funk-bass fusion sound, this fresh new EP is something else entirely.

Packed with inspiration from all over the bass-music spectrum, FT masterfully blends and transcends genres throughout the entirety of this nine-track sonic journey. Fom shrill orchestral soundscapes and groovy basslines to booming crescendos and heavy, mind-bending sound design, it’s no wonder Freddy Todd has found a home for this on Wakaan. Check out his new WRECKULOUS EP below and enjoy!