Friends Of Showcases Psychedelic Space Disco Sound on “Ground Control”


Trippy sci-fi electro-indie music is the latest genre we didn’t know we needed until now.

Self-described “psychedelic space disco,” Zeke Reed’s solo project Friends of leans into this aesthetic on his new track “Ground Control”. In addition to the retro-inspired alien abduction visuals for both the song and the artist, the bubbling synth and rocket effects that wash over the track shoot us straight into the galaxy.

With bandmate Gray Whisnant’s strong vocal performance shining through, the lyrics tell the tale of a space cowboy floating through the galaxy. Friends of describes the story of “Ground Control” as:

“Ground Control” is the last transmission of an intergalactic revolutionary who was left to drift into the void by the ruthlessly capitalist Solar Authority, discarded as just another fungible cog in the machine. Our hero/martyr is issuing a call to workers across the solar system to unite in overthrowing the yoke of their trillionaire overlords and claiming power for the people.

The overall effect of the song creates a dreamily pleasant ambience that showcases Friends of extremely impressive musical talent. “Ground control” sounds like a futuristic reimagining of a song you might expect from Phoenix.

The detailed world Friends of creates feels tangible, and we’re excited to see where this story goes next. You can check out this track using the link below, enjoy!

Friends of – Ground Control