Froogle Drops Stunning Indie Jam “Floating Sun”


Originated in Houston, Froogle is an indie-pop musician that makes tracks with a certain flair. He’s got a background in EDM but made the switch to singing a few years ago, proving there is pretty much nothing he can’t. His latest single, titled “Floating Sun”, is a heartfelt jam that lets his talent and personality shine through. The song dropped on Tuesday, and is such a vibe that we just cannot stop playing it. 

“Floating Sun” feels like a summer day, with his distinctive and impassioned voice texture laid over the wavy guitar licks. He manages to encompass a very easygoing and laidback feel but still throw in a fair amount of spice. This track is one that you have to bump, with its reflective rhythm and the sweet sound of Froogle’s voice. 

You can listen to this lush beat below! Enjoy!

Froogle – Floating Sun