FunkStatik Conjures Soulful, Hard-Hitting Bass Music on New ‘Quantum’ EP


Ever since the departure of Pretty Lights, there have been a handful of Colorado producers that are filling the bassy, electro-soul void. Among artists like Daily Bread and Motifv, one of our absolute favorites (and favorite Denver artists in general) is Matthew Rygol, also known as FunkStatik. He recently unveiled his new Quantum EP, and we haven’t been able to stop listening since.

This release is exactly what the doctor ordered for Bass Capitol. FunkStatik is able to both melt faces with his gritty sound design, but not by sacrificing the melodic component of his productions. He balances those two aspects of his sound with great poise. One of the best examples of this equilibrium is the last track, “Take Me Higher,” which features spacey synths and distorted basslines. The whole EP is just a soaring cosmic journey.

You can stream the new FunkStatik EP below. It’s out now via Mile High Sound Movement Records. Enjoy!

FunkStatik – Quantum EP