Fyre Fest Co-Founder Billy McFarland Announces New Event in the Bahamas

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Disgraced entrepreneur Billy McFarland is producing another event in the Bahamas. The event is titled PYRT, and it’s a scavenger hunt-based event that is the subject of a new documentary, After The Fyre.

Billy McFarland infamously attempted to run a scam of a music festival, Fyre Festival, back in 2017. He defrauded investors, attendees, and partners and pled guilty to two counts of wire fraud. He was sentenced to six years in prison and was ordered to pay back $26 million. After serving four years of his sentence, he was released early (back in May of this year) and now intends to pay back those he owes.

On social media, McFarland has been teasing the event. In one video, he admits that he “fucked around” and “found out.” Now though, according to McFarland, he’s “planning something new” that is “bigger than anything” he’s tried before.

In a post that shows a clip from his recent appearance on Good Morning America, he apologized further:

I messed up and there is no excuse. I know a lot of people will never forgive me for what I’ve done. To all of you, I totally understand and I’m truly more sorry than you’ll ever know. My decisions were horrible and it unfortunately took me years to learn just how many people I affected. I will dedicate the rest of my life to doing everything I can to rebuild trust and pay people back in every sense of the word. Please learn from my many mistakes and choose the right path. It’s time to turn the page and push towards a brighter future.

There aren’t any other details about the event at this time, but he’s apparently already awarded two people a trip to the Bahamas. Yes, seriously.