Listen To G Jones & Eprom’s Absolutely Massive Lollapalooza Set

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Just by looking at that title, you have a pretty good idea what’s in store here. This past weekend Lollapalooza hosted a virtual festival and among the seemingly bottomless well of talent was a face-melting back-to-back set by two heavy weights of bass music and partners in crime, G Jones and Eprom.

This set is 20 minutes of sonic destruction, melting everything in its path. I can’t move, I need to be resuscitated immediately after listening to this. We’ve come to expect only the best from these two heavy hitters and needless to say the exceeded every possible expectation.

Stream G Jones and Eprom’s gnarly b2b from Lollapalooza 2020 below. They’ve also made it available for download. Enjoy!

G Jones b2b Eprom Lollapalooza 2020