G Jones & Eprom Reunite for “On My Mind,” Announce ‘Acid Disk 2’ EP

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These are always two names that you want to see together. G Jones and Eprom, both legendary producers in their own right, are absolutely lethal when paired up. Today the duo have shared the first taste of their upcoming Acid Disk 2 EP, a follow-up to their beloved collab EP from 2017.

The lead single from the project is titled “On My Mind,” and it’s an IDM-leaning head-spinner that is simply overflowing with corrosive sounds. The amount of energy that G Jones and Eprom can muster for their music is mind-boggling. The title from this new track comes from a euphoric vocal sample that is reminiscent of early rave culture, which is often lumped in with “acid house.”

Acid Disk 2 doesn’t have a release date set yet, but we’ll be closely eyeing these fellas, as we always do.

Stream G Jones & Eprom’s new single, “On My Mind,” below. Enjoy!

G Jones & Eprom – On My Mind