Galantis Remedies All Ailments With Newest Album ‘Rx’

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Galantis has established himself as a top-tier hitmaker in dance music since he released his debut album Pharmacy back in 2015. Since then he has not slowed down, and now has his latest 14-track album on the loose titled Rx.

The campaign for this new album started with the festival-anthem sounding “Lighter” with absolute powerhouses David Guetta and 5 Seconds Of Summer. But this album is much more than that epic track. There’s clearly an emotional and personal element to it, evident from the track “BANG BANG! (My Neurodivergent Anthem)” which stemmed from a neurodivergent diagnosis from the producer. There’s also “Koala,” which is upbeat fun, and “Heartbreak Anthem,” which once again brings aboard Guetta and has a title that screams sad song, however is anything but.

In speaking about the journey from his breakout album Pharmacy to Rx, Galantis says,

“Pharmacy’ was when I knew I was neurodivergent and I knew the studio was like a pharmacy for me. I was the patient. ‘Rx’ is when I found medication. For me, it was key, but of course, everyone walks their own path.”

Galantis has delivered once again as Rx is a big-sounding album built for festival season. He is so good at delivering that big room sound that took over in the early-mid 2010’s but putting a more modern spin on it. Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Galantis – Rx

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo