Galantis Shares Much Anticipated Sophomore Album ‘The Aviary’

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Having only dropped a few singles since the release of their 2015 debut album, Galantis has been popping up frequently on our radar over the course of the past year with a steady stream of new releases. With their singles “Love On Me” ”Rich Boy” and “Hunter”, a forthcoming project was only speculation till the recent release of “True Feeling” which came paired with an album announcement. Today, the wait is over as they’ve finally released their sophomore album The Aviary.

This latest offering from the Swedish duo perfectly embodies the vibrant, funky sound we’ve come to love. Complete with features from ROZES, Poo Bear, Wrabel and more, the 12-track album is a well-balanced mix of sophisticated electronic production and wispy, lighthearted acoustic elements. Filled with all of their aforementioned releases over the past few years plus multiple new originals, Galantis undoubtedly put in some major work on their sophomore album. Check out The Aviary below and enjoy!

Galantis – The Avairy | Purchase