Dynamic Duo Galdive Return with Dreamy Lofi R&B Tune “A Friend”


Every now and then, we like dipping our toes into R&B, especially when it’s concocted with such elegance as this. Galdive, a duo who swerve in and out of genres like R&B, electronic, jazz, and classical, have released a new single titled “A Friend.”

Coming through crystal clear, the dazzling vocals of Tisha mesh nicely with the low-key production from Osvaldo. The track may be a chill, melodic number, but the clever arrangements and small ebbs and flows of energy make sure you don’t get too sleepy.

“A Friend” marks the return of Galdive, who haven’t dropped a new tune since their debut album, released just over a year ago, Canvas. The duo have been radio silent since then, perhaps focusing on their next moves. With how much we’re enjoying “A Friend,” we’re hoping there’s more on the horizon from the band.

You can listen to this dreamy R&B number below. Enjoy!

Galdive – A Friend