Gallant & Jack Garratt Cover Janet Jackson’s “I Get So Lonely” For ‘In The Room’ Video Series

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Gallant is back at it with the third installment of his "In The Room" series which he aims to both "pay tribute to and create something special with the artists that have inspired me the most." With the past two videos bringing on indie singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens and iconic R&B singer Seal, Gallant invites London-based vocalist & producer Jack Garratt to Tune Room Studios in Wilmington, DE for a stunning cover of Janet Jackson’s "I Get So Lonely". It's all filmed in one take, too.

Collectively, they offer an emotional duet as Garratt puts his own spin on Jackson's original instrumental with guitar. When Gallant is asked why he wanted to do the cover with Garratt in the first place, he says, "Cause it’s sexy as hell." He adds, "both of us are influenced and really inspired by soul music during that time period in the 90’s and Jack does this style way better than I do so I just thought it would come naturally to both of us." And in regards to Janet Jackson, Gallant simply says, "Janet is, you know, the greatest of all time so it just made sense.” Watch below and enjoy!

Gallant x Jack Garratt – In The Room Episode 3