INTERVIEW | GANZ Reaches New Heights With Fantastical New EP ‘Lost Boys’

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A few weeks ago, powerhouse producer GANZ returned in a big way with his recent single “Rufio’s Theme“. Having been one of the front-runners of future bass/trap for years, today the Dutch heavy-hitter has ushered in the next chapter in his sound with his triumphant new Lost Boys EP.

Following in the footsteps of his previous two EP’s, this latest offering is sounding like some of GANZ’ best work to date. With a masterful blend of his light-hearted synth melodies, skittering percussion, innovative sound design and booming bass, this six-track sonic journey is sure to strike a chord with GANZ fans new and old.

We were happy to (virtually) chat with GANZ about the inspiration behind the new EP and how he’s been making the most out of quarantine. Check out the interview + stream Lost Boys below and enjoy!

GANZ – Lost Boys

Who are some of your favorite current artists?

I’m listening to a bunch of different kind of stuff. But from the last year I keep playing on repeat is the new Fossa Beats stuff, Clairo, charli xcx, Tkay Maidza, Kllo, kucka and Dorian Concept.

What was your most recent Google search?

How to make Mongolian Beef

Do you have a favorite post-set snack?

I always used to eat some blue m&m crisps for years before a show but now a days nothing in particular. Just stuff that’s laying around such as potato chips or something like that! If the quarantine is done I might need to add some satay (chicken skewers) or Vietnamese fried spring rolls on my rider. Lol

What would your 13-year-old self think of how far you’ve come as an artist?

I think I would’ve never imagined getting my music out in the world. Probably because back then it was way diffident. I used to upload stuff to soundclick and MySpace. It was such a different place and never knew this kind of stuff would get so big!

Weird times we’re living in right now… How have you been holding up?

I’m used to working from my house so that made it a lot easier compare to the people I’m surrounded with who normally work at their offices. It’s super quiet and somehow inspiring because everybody is more focused on themselves but definitely feel like seeing friends again soon!

What’s been your favorite quarantine pastime?

I used to wake up around midday and start working until the next morning, but now I’m trying to wake up earlier and force myself to do some stuff, having dinner at a normal time and ending the day with an evening walk outside just to clear my head.

What’s the best way to listen to the EP in quarantine?

Maybe while having an evening walk/run. Clearing your head and get home satisfied!

Although you’ve released a lot throughout your career, this new EP definitely feels like a special return to a sound all your own. How does this project, if at all, feel different from say GAO or Skin In The Game?

I always enjoyed doing the earlier kind of stuff in between other projects And I can project my moods more easily. If I’m having a writer block I just fool around with melodies, vocal chops and chords. Although I did some different stuff through the years, This is the stuff I feel most happy and comfortable with.

Did you have any specific inspirations for Lost Boys? Or was it important to you to start with a clean slate?

I was cleaning up my laptop and just bumped into some sick melodies I got stuck with back then. I just checked a few Peter Pan movies the other night and Those Elements gave me heaps of inspiration and vibes like they were the ‘lost boys’.

What was the most fun and/or most meaningful part about creating this project?

Getting back to the inner me and forget about boundaries and stuff. That’s what I always did but now it was like, ok I’m feeling this og purple stuff still for so long and even melodies from way back so why not giving them a second chance?

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I’ve been working on my album for quite a bit now. It’s filled with more the pop side of GANZ but with that OG flavour. Hopefully after quarantine I can continue working on it again and do studio sessions again. Can’t wait to get back at it soon!