Gary Jules – Mad World (Manic Focus Remix) (Official Release) : Must Hear Chill Dubstep Remix

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Today I've got a track that can be listened to at any hour of the day. From waking up, to getting some work done, to raging at night, this song is perfect. I'm here with my family on Christmas day and figured I'd let them describe how it sounds. From my 14 year old sister "Part of it you just wanna chill, and  part of it you just wanna get up and groove" I couldn't agree more haha. It hits the perfect blend of laid back chill vibes mixed with an upbeat rhythm that does make you make want to move. It's a remix of Mad World (The song used in Donnie Darko, pictured above) done by Manic Focus, the guy who recently brought the Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California Remix which has a similiar sound. Turn it up, enjoy!

This is a Thissongissick Premiere, if you would like to post it on your blog, please link back giving credit, thank you!

Gary Jules – Mad World (Manic Focus Remix) | Direct Download | Backup Download