Getter Calls Out Excision for Taking Advantage of Smaller Artists, Excision Responds

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Some sparks were flying this weekend between two major figures in the American dubstep scene. Getter has taken issue with Excision, who has accused him of slapping his name on tracks that are produced by less famous artists, paying them off, and releasing them as his own.

It all started when Excision posted a recap video of his Bass Canyon set, and Getter retweeted it. He called him out directly, writing: “dam u still ripping of space laces man???? that shits sad.” He then responded to his own tweet with a timestamped video of an unreleased Space Laces track, which sounds very similar to the song Excision used in the video.

dam u still ripping off space laces man???? that shits sad

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 26, 2022

To no surprise, Getter’s tweet received many responses. Seemingly splitting EDM Twitter in half, some (mostly fans) came to Excision’s side, while others were quick to support Getter’s claim (including other producers). In a flurry of tweets that followed, Getter elaborated a bit more on the issue. With Space Laces being one of his own “best friends,” Getter had several unreleased songs from him, and when they were released, nothing was changed besides the fact that Excision’s name was on them, too.

LOLOL no. hard no.
SL one of my best friends. for years ill play out his new songs, then sure enough wen the song comes out is "EXCISION FEAT SPACE LACES" and nothing is changed. im not being a dick and calling him out for no reason dude. its been ongoing

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 26, 2022

According to Getter, Space Laces is the sole artist on some of Excision’s biggest tracks, such as “Throwin Elbows,” “Rumble,” and “1 On 1.” Getter said that “somebody had to do it,” claiming that the artists had signed NDAs, forbidding them even to address the issue.

Excision then responded with a string of tweets, punctuated by a video of him talking in a deep, growling voice, telling people not to talk shit over the internet. Excision has since deleted the video, but the statement is still published.

Every track I’ve made with Space Laces lists him as a full collab artist, not a feature. We’ve worked together for years, and he’s been to my place and worked with me in my studio many times, and I’ve been to his home in Louisville to work with him. The Destroid album is entirely a collab album except for two solo songs, one by me and one by Downlink. Space Laces was a collaborator on 5 of the 10 tracks. It’s pretty obvious he was not on the other 5 tracks, they sound nothing like him. Space Laces is an absolute legend who is amazingly talented at creating unique sounds. If you listen to the Getter track with him, Choppaz, it sounds like Space Laces. Space Laces sounds will dominate any collab he makes because they are dope AF. Titans, the song in question, is a collab between Wooli and I, the title track for our EP Titans, entirely made in my studio. Our inspiration for this track was Mirror, my collab with Dion from 2016. Both Titans and Mirror are 128bpm house tracks that go half time. To put this all to bed, Space Laces has never ghost produced for me. He’s been given full credit as a collaborator in every track he’s worked on. We even have more collabs on the way that I played at Bass Canyon and we are stoked to share with you all soon.

have you guys seen this video ?

— 💿 (@littlesnakexoxo) August 27, 2022

After Excision’s response, Getter asked about the royalty split for specific tracks. Excision did not respond.

Space Laces did end up responding, denying that he doesn’t do any “ghost producing,” but that he had “no interest in ruining anyone’s career.” Clearly, the issue is a lot less black and white than it seems. Space Laces did end up saying that anything between him and Excision, he’d “rather handle personally.”

my thoughts –

— SPACE LACES (@spacelaces) August 28, 2022

Veteran dubstep producers like Figure, MUST DIE!, Dubloadz, AFK, and more all tweeted out their support for Getter, who was disappointed that more didn’t end up speaking out. While the veil may not be entirely lifted on the topic to avoid legal trouble, there was little support for Excision’s case outside of his fanbase.

just so we're clear:
first is the "new" @Excision song
second is the unreleased SL song

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 26, 2022

i still stand by everything i said

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 27, 2022