Getter Explains Why He Doesn’t Put Out Much Music Anymore

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There’s no doubt that Getter was one of the leading artists of the dubstep scene during the mid-2010s. While he successfully left his mark and inspired countless artists with his work, his activity has steadily decreased over time. Getter took to Twitter last night to vent some of his frustrations with the industry and explained why he has stepped away.

man i gotta stop being so nice and forgiving to ppl i work with
9/10 times they always find a way to fuck me outta some bullshit

if ur just gettin into the music biz,
don't think think everyone/everything is real
99% of em just want somethin from u

know ur worth fr

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 15, 2022

This tweet appears to be quite cryptic, but it’s clear that Getter is tired of being used by ingenuine people in the industry. While it may be common knowledge that the music industry is infamous for being fishy and sleazy, it isn’t as common for successful artists like Getter to speak out on what it feels like to be used.

& ppl wonder why i never put music out anymore

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 15, 2022

Since Getter’s last studio album from 2018, Visceral, the rate at which he has released music and toured has slowed down. Over the past four years, he’s released four solo singles and two EPs. In 2019, he canceled his Visceral tour due to harsh criticism from fans. On the other hand, he has shifted his focus a bit more towards his hip-hop project Terror Reid, which has seen an album, an EP, and several singles since 2020.

yea man i wish i did it back in the day. i struggle to see my worth now adays. i can literally make anything, but because i give ppl the benefit of the doubt i'm forever underrated its fuckin BS

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 15, 2022

Other artists who have experienced something similar in the industry or who can relate to Getter’s frustration showed up in the replies, either to build off of what he was saying or to just offer support. Ultimately, he just seems absolutely fed up with the different situations he’s been put through during his career.

it's not even that i'm down, i'm just fed up with actin like shit is all cool and that i'm stoked cuz i'm just not anymore. i'm not sad, my view is just different now and anytime i got a project idea i just think "yea but for what?"

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 15, 2022

Getter doesn’t want to discourage any new artists, however. More accurately, he’s encouraging them to stick up for themselves, especially earlier in their career when it’s more likely that they could be taken advantage of.

and yo i'm not trying to scare any of u new artists to not achieve ur dreams. u can do it all and more just keep ur dukes up and don't let fools take advantage of u super early on cuz you'll get used to it and it'll start to seem normal.

— G (@GetterOfficial) August 15, 2022

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