Gilligan Moss Deliver Warm New Tune “Ultraparadíso” Via Foreign Family Collective

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Gilligan Moss are coming in hot with their new single, “Ultraparadíso.” Released on August 20th via ODESZA’s label, Foreign Family Collective. This track represents something we’ve all been craving—an escape from these uncertain times.

“We wrote this song as a postcard from a daydream. It is a song in transition caught between club-land & psychedelia, dreamspace and being awake. Our favorite music is transportive, and we just wanted to bring people from quarantine to not only a paradise, but an ultraparadise,” the duo said about “Ultraparadiso.”  In aiming to do just that, this new single combines rhythmic percussion and warm guitars, taking the listener for a summertime drive with the windows down- a feeling perfectly described by the track title.

Gilligan Moss make music that is joyful and, above all, meant to be fun. “Ultraparadíso” embodies that vibe and then some. Check it out below!

Gilligan Moss – Ultraparadíso