[MUST WATCH] Girl Thinks She’s At Excision Show While Recovering From Wisdom Teeth At Dentist


For those who have had their wisdom teeth taken out before, you know the aftermath tends to involve sedation, silliness and hilarious reactions. The Internet has always been a comforting friend to these situations, making these hysterical scenarios go viral. While we have encountered our fair of these videos, this newly surfaced video of Allison Riker may take the cake.

The iPhone frame opens on the innocent girl who has just awoken from her wisdom teeth surgery in the dentist’s office. However, she’s convinced she’s at an Excision concert…yes, you heard that correctly. She proceeds to head-bang, throw her arms up in signature Excision "X" formation and verbally create the sound of one of Excision’s heavy bangers. When her mother gently informs her that she is not an Excision concert, the girl’s reaction is simply priceless. See the video below!