Glass Animals Share New Album Single “It’s All So Incredibly Loud”

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Before Glass Animals drop Dreamland next Friday, they’ve given us one last taste of what’s to come. While all the prior singles have been upbeat, danceable jams, this new one is a bit more cinematic and brooding.

The entire song is only about three seconds of life. I think most people have been in a position where they have had to tell someone something that they knew was going to devastate them. – Dave Bayley

A combination of sounds that were present on their previous release ZABA, as well as the more evolved sound featured on the new album, this track is marked by a few things band is well-known for. The melody is driven by swelling, urgent keyboards which stand in stark contrast to Dave Bayley’s dreamy, trippy vocals that hint at a breakdown which seems both unwelcome yet inevitable all the same.

This is clearly deeply personal work for the entire band, and if this single is any indication, the rest of the project will be a visceral experience which can stand alone next to the rest of their already impressive catalog. Check the tune out below. Enjoy!

Glass Animals – It’s All So Incredibly Loud