Golden Features Drops Dark, Heavy House Track “Vigil”

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Golden Features has had quite a year! In addition to headlining the ODESZA tour after parties (and debuting surprise BRONSON sets), the talented Aussie producer premiered his first song in three years. Now he’s back with another new single, “Vigil,” released on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label.

“Vigil” has the intoxicatingly dark and ominous Golden Features sound we’ve come to know and love. A thumping bassline and fluttering synth are the main players here. Golden Features decorates the backbone of the track with a siren-like sample tone and a whisper-soft vocal that details his sleep deprivation journey. Halfway through the track, he incorporates a meditative vocal sample that repeats the phrase “the deepest wounds that I’ve known, I’ve let it go,” hypnotizing the listener and luring us deeper into his thrall.

Here’s what Golden Features had to say about his new song:

‘Vigil’ is about the point of diminishing returns. The sound of birds begging you to go to bed, desperately trying to sleep when your brain won’t allow it. It’s for anybody who’s managed to escape the kick-on only to be left alone in a silent room with nothing but head-noise.

You can listen to “Vigil” and watch the accompanying music video using the link below. Enjoy!

Golden Features – Vigil