Gorgon City Unveil Highly Versatile Studio Album ‘Salvation’

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One of our all-time favorite house acts Gorgon City have been on a tear this year. In addition to announcing a new album, they also headlined the Brooklyn Mirage with one of the most memorable performances we’ve seen. Today, they’re finally ready to unveil their new album Salvation, out now via Astralwerks.

Gorgon City have managed to rise above the throngs of house acts with their true mastery of melody-forward and bass-driven dance music. Salvation is the duo’s fourth studio album and showcases their ability to craft minimalistic soundscapes amid high-energy powerhouses while spanning various genres in the process.

There’s a delicate sensibility that can be heard on tracks like “Wreckage,” “A Lot Like Heaven,” and “City Of Angels.” All the while, Gorgon City flex their ability to encapsulate a heavier, more club-friendly essence that can be found on tracks like “Heartless,” “Pose,” and “Gasoline.” The vocalists lending their talents on the project are Julia Church, RAHH, NEZ, DRAMA, Jelani Blackman, Selah Sol, and Santino Le Saint.

Steam Salvation below and enjoy!

Gorgon City – Salvation