Gorillaz Character Noodle Shares Cryptic “Coming Soon” Announcement On Instagram


Gorillaz’s guitarist Noodle has taken to Instagram with a note in Japanese, "近日公開", which translates to "coming soon". The man behind the music, Damon Albarn, has been teasing a new Gorillaz album since the summer and has previously stated we can expect a project in 2017. 

The band has been rolling out a constant flow of multimedia content, getting fans caught up with the animated characters since their last appearance. With all the activity we've seen from Gorillaz lately, we believe they'll start rolling out album singles anyday now.

Noodle previously uploaded a Soulection logo to Instagram with radio and music emojis, which had us hoping new music would come via Selection’s 1 Radio show. Maybe new music will come on one of the upcoming radio shows? It’s unclear what Noodle means by "coming soon", but this certainly has us excited to hear what they’ve been working on. Stay tuned for more from Gorillaz and enjoy!


❗️❗️近日公開 ❗️❗️😝😝😝

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