Gramatik Drops Highly Coveted Mashup from his Live Sets

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Gramatik has just uploaded a treat for his fans straight from his live sets. It’s a “mega mashup” comprised of three songs: Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA,” Herobust’s “Skurt Reynolds,” and his own “Illusion Of Choice.” He’s cleverly combined the titles to name the mashup “Illusion Of Skurt DNA.”

We’re loving the way that Gramatik used the different elements of these tracks to form one cohesive banger. The intro (and first couple minutes) are mainly Gramatik’s “Illusion Of Choice,” but then he introduces Kendrick Lamar’s fiery vocals from the heavy beat switch of “DNA.” Near the end of that epic verse, he chops up Kendrick’s vocals, turns them into a buildup, and sends us head first into a chopped-up drop of “Skurt Reynolds.” Near the end, you have all three tracks going at once.

There’s a good chance that Gramatik could drop this one when he plays Red Rocks in just a couple of weeks on September 30. You can snag tickets to the show right here.

You can listen to this mashup from Gramatik exclusively on SoundCloud below. Enjoy!

Gramatik Vs. Kendrick Lamar Vs. Herobust – Illusion Of Skurt DNA