Gramatik Releases His Diverse New 6-Track ‘Re:Coil Part I’ EP


Gramatik has dropped his anticipated new EP Re:Coil Part I a day early as a birthday present to himself and his fans. Three of the recent singles we covered made their way onto the EP: “Aymo” featuring Balkan Bump and Talib Kweli, “Voyager Twins” with Galactic Marvl, and “Recovery” with Eric Krasno. Re:Coil Part I takes Gramatik’s funky, glitchy style and infuses it with high-energy tunes across the spectrum capturing a forward-thinking sound.

Aside from those mentioned above, this EP contains a number of other heavy-hitting singles, beginning with a huge, robot bass-laden banger, “Future Crypto” with electro-soul producer Branx. Next up is “Goldilocks Enigma” featuring Anomalie, which displays the instrumental finesse of its collaborators with a soulful lead-in to a chilled-out, future-style drop. The final song on the EP, “Halcyon,” is a crisp mixture of electric piano, bright strings, and a keys solo juxtaposed with high-energy, old-school samples, heavy bass, and hip-hop structure.

You may have heard of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but now there's GRMTK. The EP has a futuristic sound and theme of technology, so along with this comes this launch of his own cryptocurrency. Fans can now purchase his coin to earn royalties by owning part of Gramatik's intellectual property. We hope Gramatik’s birthday is every bit as enjoyable as the EP he’s gifted his fans. Check it out below and enjoy!

Gramatik - Re:Coil Part I