The Grammys Production Company Set to Create DJ Awards Spinoff in America

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The Grammys have had a stronger electronic presence in recent years, especially with Skrillex winning 3 awards 2 years running. Yet overall the Grammy's seem severely out of the loop with the current electronic world, take the Al Walsner incident as an example.

Well Dick Clark Productions, the company responsible for producing the Grammys have crafted the idea of the first American DJ Awards show and have already begun shopping it around to find the proper TV Network. This new award show should add to the growing presence of electronic music in America, which should lead to a more positive light for electronic music as a whole in American media. Electronic events and organizations would start seeing more respect for their events that have been written off by some as giant senseless parties or raves. This could be a huge step forward for electronic music, proving that it is here to stay.

Think this is a good move for electronic music? Who do you think would be a fitting judge for this show? What would qualify them?

Source: NY Post