graves Lets His Versatility Shine On Impressive New 7-Track EP ‘Far From Here’

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Back in 2017, graves’s highly acclaimed Hilo EP took the dance scene by storm. Almost every bass DJ was finding ways to get that title track in their sets. When we heard that the former Kanye West sound engineer was dropping another EP, we were itching to hear what direction he was going to take it, and how he’s grown since his last project.

Today, graves drops his brand new Far From Here EP. The project is 7-tracks long, but it honestly plays out like a full album. graves explores all the furthest reaches of his versatile style here and it’s sounding great. Not one track sounds like another. There’s cinematic bangers, enticing sound design, forward thinking vocal tracks, flawless collaborations (especially with Zeke Beats and Hex Cougar)  and more.

With the drop of this EP, graves has put himself in a perfect place to drop his debut album. He hasn’t announced any plans for one yet, but it’s definitely what we want from him at this point.

Stream graves’s new Far From Here EP below and enjoy!

graves – Far From Here EP