Watch GRiZ’s Entire 2+ Hour Livestream ‘Acid’ Set From His Rooftop Balcony

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GRiZ just put out his entire set from yesterday’s livestream! Our favorite groove guru has been treating us to all sorts of musical goodness recently. Just last week he dropped off the full recording off his Okeechobee performance, and today we get another two full hours of GRiZ laying it down on the decks.

GRiZ had a particular vibe he was going for before going live. As he mentioned on social media, he was looking forward to curating an “acid trip” mix for anyone to enjoy on that warm, Sunday afternoon. Not only that, but he even said he was going to be taking part in the trippy-ness himself while DJing.

We were very eager to see what psychedelic selections he’d whip out, and it was a ride from start to finish. He started out with some upbeat house bangers and skillfully worked us into deep, soulful tunes that would make anyone start feeling nice and wavy.

Check out this one-of-a-kind mix from GRiZ below and enjoy!