[PREMIERE] GRiZ – Good Will Prevail : Must Hear Full Length Album + Interview


We’ve had the pleasure of watching GRiZ’s career unfold over the years and couldn’t be more excited to premiere his latest album, Good Will Prevail. The trendsetting artist has been a pioneer in the future funk and electro-soul space for a while now, reaching new heights with every release. His latest offering is no different as he delivers his most ambitious project to date where he expands on his beloved sound. 

The 13-track LP draws a stacked lineup of featured artists – Big Gigantic, Cherub, Louis Futon and Brasstracks to name a few — and blends a variety of genres including rock, soul, funk and dance music. We hear GRiZ progress his sound in "Say It Loud" where he incorporates vocals into the production and shows off his newfound songwriting abilities. 

With that said, his signature funk-filled, soul-driven music is as evident as ever with his gritty, bass-fueled productions. TSIS had the pleasure of interviewing GRiZ about the Good Will Prevail and his live shows. Enjoy!

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What is the story behind the title Good Will Prevail?

This album is all about keeping your head up and your feet movin. I was feeling down about news headlines, the stuff I would hear from my friends about whats going on in the world…things happening in my world. It had me feeling like I was going crazy..Like I was having a hard time understanding people. So I wanted to write an album to motivate and inspire positivity. 

How did you approach this album differently than your previous works?

I always like to get better or outdo myself a bit. Have more fun with the music, be more conscious of myself and how I feel and have that resonate in the project, give it more of a lyrical voice. My friends helped be that voice. Writing lyrics as well as the instrumental aspect gave me a new found respect for songwriting and unlocked so many doors. I feel like I found even more of a voice with this record. 

This release sounds like some of your heaviest work to date while also being just as soulful and full of funk – what inspired this shift?

To me it doesn't feel like a shift. True, there are those bass heavy in your face parts but I like to balance that with super rad and retro funk and soul vibes. 

What were some of the challenges you faced when incorporating vocals into your tracks?

Often when I write, I write with my own voice in mind. So sometimes it translates super well with the vocalist and other times (often) not. When it doesn't, new changes happen and the whole thing kinda gets flipped on it's head into something that is sometimes completely different. I love that part. Being surprised by yourself and other people with a new perspective. That's a part of the creative machine that pushes us all forward I think.

Was the songwriting process specifically different on this album from your previous works? 

Sometimes yes, often times no. I always first try and find something.. some piece of instrumental groove or a melody idea that kinda hits me over the head… always in the most random places. like, I wrote an entire song in my head the other day in a cab. I tried to record some of it on my phone in a voice note but, sometimes you gotta just let that shit go. This album, I came at most of those random inspirations with an idea and then carved out what the vocal content would be or took writing from other things I was writing and repurposed them into a new groove. 

You have a diverse set of collaborators on the album ranging from rappers to rock guitarists. What was it like grouping together a cast of musicians from such different backgrounds?

I love all sorts of music. What a cool thing to be able to tap so many different styles. But honestly, it feels like all the people I got to work with function on this similar wavelength. Some intangible extraterrestrial vibration. Thats why to me, it all feels really glued together. 

It looked like you were recording this album all over the country. How do different studio locations impact the end product?

So many factors go into that. Like, how much time you had at that studio, what the weather was like that day, who was there with you, what the vibe was like in the session. Sometimes we weren't even in studios. Dan and I recorded backup vox for PS GFY – which started as scratch vocals – in a hotel room before a gig. They had the right attitude though, so I ended up keeping them in there. The vox on Before I Go were recorded in Orlando's apartment by him a while back. I had him go to a studio and get them re-done (more than once) to get a better sound quality i guess. But the result of that felt so much more forced. It kinda lost it's character. So even though I could hear the sound of NYC traffic in the background of the acapella, it had all the feels.

Describe the feeling when you first found out that your Red Rocks show sold out within hours.

Honored! I love that my fans are as passionate about these shows as I am! I love that venue and I find that it's a place where I can really be 100% me and even try to experiment. I love going the extra mile for my fans. I want to inspire them in their own lives and show them something that they'll appreciate and enjoy.

How have your live shows evolved over time? What’s next?

Always evolving. Our staff has grown, as well as our talents. We're so focused and dialed into the live atmosphere and experience. Every show we get better. And…the passion is as deep as ever. I still feel like I haven't even gotten to show people exactly what I see or hear in my head. Truly though, it blows me away all the great that we've done together! I never would have thought I'd be where I am. Next up is a world where we spend all the money we spend on guns on books, food, and instruments for our youth. 

What is most exciting to you about the GRiZ project right now?

Where my head is at with creation. I'm finding and being inspired by so many new and different things. I guess I feel like I still have so much to learn and grow into. This project is just about to really get good…