GRiZ Releases His Live Sets from Both Nights of Space Camp

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GRiZ has released his entire live sets from both nights of his two-day event at the Hampton Coliseum last year. Space Camp was GRiZ’s own curated event that saw him headline both days. Those sets are now available to listen back to on Apple Music. If you don’t have Apple Music, worry. GRiZ mentioned in a tweet that the sets would be available on other streaming services too, soon.

Not only do we get a GRiZ live set in high-definition audio quality with these, but also tracklists. It appears that GRiZ played a ton of unreleased music during these shows, as many of the songs are listed as “ID1,” “ID2,” and so on.

Those with Apple Music can listen to both of GRiZ’s sets from Space Camp below. Enjoy!

GRiZ – Live From Space Camp Night 1

GRiZ – Live From Space Camp Night 2