GRiZ to Drop Massive Dubstep Tune with Big Gigantic Next Week

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This next collaboration between Colorado all-stars GRiZ and Big Gigantic is ready to fire. GRiZ announced on Friday afternoon that they would release the track next week, although he did not give a specific date.

Back in October, GRiZ identified this massive new tune with Big Gigantic when somebody tweeted at him with a video from one of his shows. Now, just about four months later, the song is ready to be unleashed, and we can’t wait to hear what it sounds like in its final form.

You can catch a glimpse of this track being played out below. Stay tuned for its drop next week!

We’re gonna release it either way but a gurl gotta promote πŸ’…

β€” GRiZ (@Griz) February 25, 2022

New big g collab πŸ’•πŸ₯²

β€” RAINBOW BRAIN OUT NOW 🌈🧠 (@Griz) October 11, 2021