GRiZ Will Play His Last Show for the Foreseeable Future in October


GRiZ has just shaken up the dance music community by announcing that his last show for the foreseeable future will happen in October. The G Man is respected amongst fans and fellow artists alike for his unmatched work ethic in the studio, touring, and for the community. Performing at such a high level for such a long time will undoubtedly take a toll on anyone’s mental and physical health and, in this case, GRiZ has decided the best thing is for him to take a much needed break.

GRiZ has made it clear that there’s no plans for how long he will be gone from music as well as giving no indication that he will even return to the GRiZ project if and when he does decide to come back. As lifelong fans of the artist and human behind GRiZ, we can only applaud and respect his decision.

While the news certainly comes as a downer to so many fans, GRiZ made sure to remind everyone that there’s still plenty of magic to come between now and October. He also announced that his last headline/curated show will be taking place at an “intimate venue in a beautiful location.” More details on that show will follow later this week.

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