Watch GRiZ Drop Unreleased Tracks For His GRiZmas Show In Detroit

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New music from GRiZ is the gift that keeps on giving! As the multi-talented artist took it upon himself to throw yet another incredible GRiZmas party this year (his sixth to be exact), one dedicated attendee has wrapped up and re-gifted us some fresh new IDs!

As usual, this latest from GRiZ definitely be hitting different. Considering the sax-master unveiled these new gems in his hometown at the iconic Masonic Temple, while its a bit difficult to separate out what might be a true ID or simply part of the larger 8-minute intro we definitely want to hear more of this ASAP!

Having recently finished out his 12 days of GRiZmas featuring workshops, yoga, an open mic night and even a roller disco + dodgeball, we’re definitely in the holiday spirit with this final present. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Griz – IDs Live @ Grizmas Detroit