Watch Griz & Subtronics Drop Tracks From The First Ever Official Griztronics Set

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Hype levels were at an all-time high last night when GRiZ and Subtronics got together to play their first official Griztronics set ever last night in Philadelphia. The duo, who have been riding high off the success of their collab that dropped this year, “Griztronics,” threw down for nearly three hours in a warehouse venue with fans going absolutely mental the entire time.

This event was wild. First of all, it was completely free, and it was only officially announced three hours before the doors actually opened. Warehouse On Watts only holds 500 people, but there were a few thousand that lined up, hoping to get in to see the debut. The duo ended up playing for a whopping 3 hours, and fans stayed ’til the very end. And this was a Monday night!

We got a chance to hit up Subtronics and got to hear his thoughts and approach on the first Griztronics set:

“the set itself was me picking from all my current existing routines / vibing off what grant was doing. deff noticed the energy shift playing for both my fans and his fans as opposed to just mine; they had a lot of appreciation for more range and variation which is super fun, but also means i need to continue to cover more ground and be as versatile as i can which has been my goal for a while”

We were able to get our hands on a number of video clips from backstage at the epic set thanks to Subtronics’s agent Jake Bernstein, and we’ve compiled them into a single video for your viewing convenience:

We also got a dope teaser of the new “GriztronicsVIP, a nasty little trap flip of the original that sent fans into a frenzy. The original “Griztronics” tracks is undoubtedly one of the most played weapons in bass music right now, and the anticipation leading up to the moment they dropped it must have been wild.