Gryffin Soars On Emotional New Belter “Cry” Ft. John Martin

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When it comes to the feels, Gryffin always seems to know just how to hit us (remember “Hold You Tonight“?). With the help of vocalist, John Martin, the LA producer has released another passionate belter titled, “Cry,” and this one has the power to tug at your heartstrings.

Gryffin pulls us close with his familiar guitar talent and Martin’s emboldened voice begins the story of one’s lifetime. From childhood to mature heartbreak, Martin ensure’s us that we’ll always have a shoulder to cry on, a support for our heaviest times, something that so many people can presently relate to. These piercing yet uplifting lyrics swim beautifully among the sweeping drops constructed by none other than Gryffin himself, creating a powerfully passionate tune for anyone to lean on.

This latest single comes on the heels of Gryffin’s announcement that “a new era is coming.” While the details of that new era may still be a bit cloudy, one thing is crystal clear- Gryffin still holds the key to our hearts. Stream Gryffin and John Martin’s new single, “Cry,” below. Enjoy!

Gryffin, John Martin – Cry