Haddadi Von Engst Put Out Deep Melodic Groover “Bite Your Teeth”


The mysterious production duo behind Haddadi Von Engst used to put out music anonymously, but the pandemic “changed everything.” Since 2020, the duo has released a slew of deep tech bangers. The latest to join their arsenal is “Bite Your Teeth.”

“Bite Your Teeth” will take you on a nonstop thrill ride with the genre switching up by the minute. A seductive afrobeat greets our ears at the onset of the track, while a simmering undercurrent of percussion slowly makes its way to the forefront of the track. A deep, glitchy vocal cut acts as a reset for the track before it gives way to a simple but glorious piano-driven interlude. The duo then plunges us into tech house territory for the remainder of the song, letting flares of acid synth climb up and down the main verse. Despite these disparate musical influences, Haddadi Von Engst blends them all together seamlessly.

This single is accompanied by 3 remixes on the You Plus One label. You can check it out using the link below. Enjoy!

Haddadi Von Engst – Bite Your Teeth