Murge Goes For Downtempo Gold On HAELIUM’s “Somehow” Remix

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In today’s remix category, Canadian producer Murge has stripped down and put his own spin on HAELIUM’s indie dance track “Somehow”. For his edit, the musician took a minimalistic approach and stripped it down to just the essentials for an atmospheric, airy feeling. It came out last week on imprint Future Archive Recordings.

This track is an ambient electronica gem. While still respecting the initial composition, Murge peels back most of the clubby elements, leaving the song raw and intimate with an earthy bassline. The remix has an organic, downtempo vibe, with cerebral chords that bounce off of each other, and calming, cosmic vocals drizzled in. He has put a tremendously personal twist on the song, and it’s something you can sense with each note.    

You can stream the remix of the single below. Enjoy!

HAELIUM – Somehow (Murge Edit)