Havana Brown Feat. Pitbull – We Run The Night (Proper Villains Remix) : Huge Must Hear Dancey Dubstep Remix

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Proper Villains have been steadily making a name for themselves releasing quality remixes to popular songs. Who could forget the hard-hitting Bass Down Low remix, or the more laid back Dancing In The Dark remix? The Villains keep things on the heavier side for this remix, yet still have a dancey vibe that will appeal to everyone, mixed with an enormous great sounding bass line. The song cools down a bit in the breakdown but keeps the mood going with Havana singing and a few bars from Pitbull. Proper Villains continue to develop their sound with another excellent remix. Turn the bass way up for this one. Enjoy! 


This song has been requested to be taken down by the the artist and / or their copyright holder. Apologies for any inconvenience!