Haywyre Masterfully Blends Electronic & Acoustic Production On Crisp New ‘Panorama: Discover’ EP + Interview

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Martin Vogt, better known as Haywyre has impressed us time and time again over the near decade span of his career. Having recently come off a hiatus and hoping in the studio with Louis Futon, today the Milwaukee-based artist has shared his new EP, Panorama: Discover. We had a chance to catch up with Haywyre with an interview below as well so be sure to check that out.

Having stayed relatively silent since the release of his last project, Two Fold Pt. 2 towards the beginning of 2016, we were excited to find out what the multi-talented producer has been up to – and we were not disappointed. Taking on a much more retro sound than we’ve heard in recent years, Haywyre masterfully blends intricate electronic production with crisp, acoustic elements throughout the entirety of this latest offering. From the highly-effected talkbox vocals on his previously released singles “Tell Me” and “Storyteller”, to his bright, melancholic solo piano outro, you’ll be hanging on to every note throughout this six-track sonic journey. Check out Panorama: Discover below and enjoy!

Haywyre – Panorama: Discover

This new EP comes after a brief hiatus from Haywyre, what have you been up to and what did you learn during this time away?

I’ve mostly been developing the Panorama project, which I’m extremely excited about. As for learning lessons – those are actually intertwined with the project, so I’ll let it do the talking! 

What was the process like getting to the release of this EP? Was your hiatus an important part of the writing process?

Releasing this EP has been just as rewarding as it’s been challenging. There have been many changes for me, like releasing independently again and focusing on creating only solo performance content. The hiatus wasn’t really a part of the writing process, the writing process necessitated the hiatus! 

Your releases (as illustrated by your website) make up a long timeline of your musical journey. With stops like The Voyage and Infinite, what’s the deeper meaning behind Panorama: Discover?

The overarching theme of Panorama is about connection and growth. I wanted to create a musical journey that has the potential to generate a positive change in people by basing the music on stories we can all relate to. The story of struggling with insecurities; the story of trying to force yourself out of your comfort zone; etc. 

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

Writing Tell Me was probably the most fun I had out of any of the the tracks on the EP! 

There vocals on “Tell Me” and “Storyteller“ feel like they are very much more prominent and characteristically rooted in more of a retro-vocoder theme, even more so than your past releases. Was there a moment that you decided you wanted to vocalize more on this EP?

It was a challenge I essentially set for myself. I wanted to experiment with performing vocals, and the most familiar outlet for that has always been the vocoder for me. I’ve never attempted to perform it live though, so there was significant workload in making that possible. 

What’s the most exciting thing right now for Haywyre?

Making dope content! 

What can fans look forward to next?

They can expect me to do everything I can do put out inspiring material. I feel like I kinda stepped back into the ring after releasing again and I want to hold myself and be held accountable to put out some dope content.