Healy Releases Luscious Sophomore Album ‘Tungsten’


Ethan Healy is a Memphis musician/rapper with a doctoral degree in medicine, but decided on pursuing a career in music. We’re pretty happy about that, as he’s got a lot to offer the music world. He’s just released his sophomore album, Tungsten, a beautiful project that blends hip hop roots with indie rock, soul, and dreamy pop.

The project makes use of some really unique production tricks, one of them being binaural recordings that replicate 3D audio sensations and make the album feel vivid. Adding to that personal, lifelike feel of this album is the fact that the tracks are very stripped down, combining soft and simple beats with elegant piano chords and vibey guitar riffs.

The standout single from the album is “Nikes On,” a sentimental number that expresses the importance of living in the moment because time can move fast. This theme is brought right back up on the next track, a somber number interlude that calls life a “Dead Sprint.” Fittingly, the 13-track album doesn’t waste time, coming in at 33 minutes long. Healy still manages to showcase his unique range as an artist. Healy is deeply introspective with this album, displaying vulnerability and gloom while singing slower songs, as well as being honest and carefree in his rap verses. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this talented young artist.

Check out this beautiful sounding album in the stream below. Enjoy!

Healy – Tungsten