Hear REZZ’s Sinister ‘Beyond The Senses’ EP Debuted In VR Experience

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REZZ made history last night. Not only did the trailblazing producer and DJ drop her new Beyond The Senses EP, but she also hosted a global listening party in VR. This marks the first time someone has done this. I was able to attend the VR experience in Denver and it was one of the best ways to experience new music for the first time.

REZZ challenged herself to push the boundaries and did not disappoint. She had a world created that was creepy an expansive enough to match her music. The VR setting felt like going to a concert on a dark alien planet boasting some truly insane production that could only exist in the virtual world. REZZ’s movements were sensor mapped so the virtual REZZ was mimicking the movements of the real REZZ, making it feel like a real concert experience.

On top of that, the music is just as great as you’d expect from the experimental producer. It’s just the dark, ominous vibe we’ve come to love from her over the years. We previously heard songs like “Kiss Of Death” alongside Deathpact as well as “Falling” featuring Underoath. The 6-track EP brings additional collabs with EDDIE, Sayer, and The Rigs. Check out the full project as well as the VR experience video below and enjoy!

REZZ – Beyond The Senses