Heavy Sickk Ludacris Remix- “Roll Out(My Business)” [Pt.1 of ‘Summer Bangers: Vol 1]

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Sooo, I know I have talked about this apparent party banger playlist, and I figured since it's been so long since I mentioned I had to add something to it. So I am going to be releasing the official ThisSongIsSick.com presents Summer Party Bangers: Vol 1 mixtape in sections throughout this week, releasing the entire thing on Friday. This mixtape features 12 songs that are sure to set your party summer off right. I will be posting the mixtape artwork tomorrow and another song or two each night till the weekend finishing releasing the entire thing with sick high quality artwork in a single .zip file at the end of the week (and of course by singles for who still don't like to do .zip files haha). To give you a taste of this amazing mixtape, here's Robbery(Rob Shoemaker)'s remix of the Ludacris Classic "Rollout". This remix is beyond sick and i'm sure it'll get you guys excited for the rest of the mixtape, turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Rollout (Robbery Remix) – Ludacris (Stream Only)

Roll Out (Robbery Remix)

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