Heimanu Conjures Adrenaline-Pumping Journey On “Raaen/Die Awake”


Sydney-based, Heimanu, is an incognito producer who has quickly become one of the more forward-thinking figures emerging from the trap circuit. The hooded crusader has positioned himself as the torchbearer for a groundbreaking sound he calls ‘NuRave,’ an innovative fusion of futuristic melodies and heart-pounding bass. Today, he’s teamed up with Night Mode for the release of his double-single, “Raaen/Die Awake.”

Both tracks display contrasting rushes of adrenaline but ultimately form one cohesive journey through wave. “Raaen” jumpstarts with a jolt of euphoria, revolving around an empowering combination of clattering 808s, sweeping synths, breakbeat patterns, ethereal melodies and howling vocal hooks cleverly sidechaining to the bursts of bottom-end. “Die Awake” embraces the chaos, charting a path towards destruction that is outlined by haunting vox, frenetic arpeggiations, thumping drums, and seismic padlines.

Stream both tracks below and enjoy!

Heimanu – Raaen/Die Awake