helloworld Shines A Light on Mental Health Awareness with New EP ‘things i wanna text u’

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bitbird and its founder, San Holo, have always made it a point to put mental health awareness at the forefront of their mission as a label, actively seeking out ways to participate in their community’s outreach. With mental health awareness month upon us, one of their newest signees, helloworld, decided to team up with nonprofit organization, Bring Change To Mind, in conjunction with the release of his new EP ‘things i wanna text u,’ advocating for mental wellness through a beautiful partnership.

Inspired by a breakup that brought him to a new low in his life, things i wanna text u shines a light on the hardships that we all face in relationships and in life, confronting those tough moments by recognizing their validity and importance to our growth as people. Though sometimes hiding behind energetic productions, the lyrics on the EP tackle some of the most painful feelings we face as humans.

helloworld shared his thoughts on the EP, commenting:

‘things I wanna text u’ is a collection of tracks that illustrates my journey of emotion through heartbreak. Through this process, I’ve felt everything. From excitement and joy to sadness and depression to resentment and anger to more excitement and joy. When writing these songs, I was trying to find the perfect words to say for every one of those stages in my healing process – words that could resonate with someone who might be going through the same thing. Through this time, I have really gotten to know myself more. I started to take my mental health really, really seriously. Over time, I’ve come to really love the person I am and what I have to say.

You can stream things i wanna text u at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

helloworld – things i wanna text u