Indie Producer henri Drops Piano-Driven Melodic Dance Track “talk”

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In this day and age, no one is a stranger to the feeling of being burnt out, but indie producer henri might know this sentiment better than most. After feeling disillusioned by unfulfilling work for other people, he quit his job and moved to a cabin in remote Finland to work on his music. “talk” is the result of this – a gorgeous, melodic dance track.

The piano-driven “talk” showcases henri’s talents as a both a producer and vocalist. His vocals echo through the track, at times serving as its main focal point, at others chopped up in the background of the chorus. The influence of the beautiful nature he was surrounded by in his cabin is evident through the spacious sound design and rippling textures. Alternating between melancholic and upbeat, “talk” functions as a time capsule of the healing henri experienced during his restorative time in the Finnish nature.

henri shared a bit more about the meaning behind “talk”:

“‘talk’ is a song about trying to get through to someone who has their walls up. They feel impenetrable but you’re still not ready to give up. You’re willing to surrender and expose yourself fully knowing what the risks are and in that moment you feel pure. Even though you’re a little scared of where it leads to its okay ‘cos you’ve tried your everything. And that is love.

Check out the track below and enjoy!

henri – talk