[PREMIERE] Herobust And MONXX Team Up On Heavy, Gritty New Single “Giant Squiddim”


During Herobust’s Sunday (June 18) set at EDC, the Atlanta-based producer (who may or may not resemble hansom Squidward) brought out up-and-coming UK producer MONXX to help drop their brand new and extremely heavy collaboration. Today, after a short yet difficult wait, we have the pleasure of premiering what’s sure to brighten up any bassheads’ day, Herobust and MONXX’s new single “Giant Squiddim”.

This latest nautical offering is everything you could want and more from riddim. Both Herobust’s and MONXX’s distinctive production styles can be heard clearly throughout this dark, menacing track. Starting off with a splash, “Giant Squiddim” seems to have the point of view of a diver encountering a giant squid (hence the name). An eerie piano melody slowly drives the track forward into a bass-heavy drop filled with monstrous growls, abrasive gargles and thunderous percussion. We’re guessing that the diver didn’t make it out in one piece… Check out “Giant Squiddim” below and enjoy!

Herobust & MONXX – Giant Squiddim