Hex Cougar Unveils Fantastical Film Companion For His ‘Under The Light Of A Dying Moon’ EP

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Hex Cougar absolutely blew us away at the beginning of the year with the release of his debut EP Under The Light Of A Dying Moon. Having continued to churn out some of the most bombastic, forward-thinking bass music we’ve ever heard, today the multi-talented artist has switched mediums on us with a new short film accompaniment to his recent EP.

If you’ve ever wondered what the wild world of Hex Cougar’s mind looks like, you can now take a glimpse under the veil with this latest offering. And while it can sometimes be hard to translate an audible journey into a visual experience, we’re incredibly pleased to see that Hex’s dark, twisted sensibilities shine through beautiful with this powerful multimedia adventure.

“This film encapsulating the full EP takes that idea a step further, illustrating a literal world that my characters journey through – in this case, it’s the story of one girl being chased by a mysterious dark force and how she overcomes it. It’s a story that I think most people can relate to: being haunted by your past and struggling to come to terms with it.” – Hex Cougar

Featuring an immersive multimedia story of one lonely human versus supernatural forces beyond our understanding, this nearly 10-minute undertaking will definitely give you goosebumps. Watch Hex Cougar’s short film for Under The Light Of A Dying Moon below and enjoy!

Hex Cougar – Under The Light Of A Dying Moon // The Short Film