Get “High On Beat” with SOFI TUKKER’s Cryptically Cool New Remix


Another day, another banger down the pipe from SOFI TUKKER. This time they find themselves on official remix duties for Jan Blomqvist and Bloom Twins’ synthy sweeper, “High On Beat.”

Leave it to the unstoppable American duo to take something as simple a synth chords and transfigure them into a kinetic tech line. Drawing inspiration from the OG’s glistening scale work, SOFI TUKKER lean on a feverish synth pattern to kick this track up a notch. Pattering hi-hats and buzzing bass kicks keep the engine purring and before you know it, you may or may not find yourself bobbing to this very track front and center at this weekend’s party.

Chalk up another hit for SOFI TUKKER, these two just don’t miss. Stream their new remix of Jan Blomqvist and Bloom Twins’ “High On Beat” below. Enjoy!

Jan Blomqvist x Bloom Twins – High On Beat (SOFI TUKKER Remix)