Hodgy Beats – Untitled EP (Odd Future OFWGKTA) [Hip Hop]

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Today I'm pleased to bring you the latest EP from an artist I have featured far to little. It's Hodgy Beats, who's apart of the ever rising Odd Future; Tyler, the Creator's rap collective. Hodgy has a more mellow smoke friendly sound, as opposed to Tyler's outrageous and violent vibe. This collection of 9 tracks all have great beats, featuring some production from names like Juicy J, Flying Lotus and more. Most of the songs are very short, and keep you wanting more. I've picked a few of my favorites, but it's a chill mellow ride all the way through. Enjoy!

Hodgy Beats "Untitled EP" (OFWGKTA) Entire EP| Direct Download

Select Songs

Hodgy Beats – In A Dream | Download


Hodgy Beats – Bullshitinn' (Produced by Juicy J) | Download


Hodgy Beats – If Heaven Is A Ghetto (Produced by Thelonious Martin) Download


Hodgy Beats "Untitled EP" (OFWGKTA) Entire EP