“Hold Tight” To Hayden James’ Euphoric New Piano House Single


When it comes to feel-good house hits, no one does it like Hayden James. His songwriting fills the heart, his production captures the soul, and his melodies move the feet. Well, today is a great day to be a Hayden James fan as he drops the latest single, “Hold Tight,” off his upcoming album, Lifted.

This track is brimming with impassioned energy as empowered piano lines set the stage for this captivating stomper. The fervent vocals take control lifting the tune ever closer to its climax, and just when we’ve reached our suspended breaking point, we drop into a euphoric percussive groove. This really might be heaven.

We love to see a Friday filled with hot new releases. Add this one to the drive home this evening, your weekend will definitely thank you. Lifted is set to release on April 8, leaving plenty of time for a couple more singles to hopefully roll our way, but until then stream “Hold Tight” by Hayden James below. Enjoy!

Hayden James – Hold Tight