Hopsin Pokes Fun At Future, Fetty Wap, Migos & More With Hilarious New Music Video “No Words”

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Although we love what’s currently happening in Hip-Hop, it’s been pointed out by various rappers that the scene has become more and more saturated with a multitude of artists releasing content in a very similar style. With lyrics growing more and more incomprehensible and a recent increased use of autotune, Hopsin shows what he thinks about the current state of Hip-Hop with a comical new video. 

Snoop Dogg recently made comments about this, and a producer took to Soundcloud sampling Snoop in a hilarious clip making fun of many of today’s rappers. Now Hopsin has taken it a step further releasing a music video making fun of the current trends in Hip-Hop as he raps in gibberish holding styrofoam cups stacked 8 high.

Hopsin controversly calls out rappers including Future, Migos, Travis Scott, Fetty Wap and more as he adds autotune to his nonsense raps to reveal in a comical way that the current trend in Hip-Hop has become hiding your lyrical nonsense behind a hard beat (probably produced by Metro Boomin) while using an overused flow. Watch the video below. Enjoy!

Hopsin – No Words


Snoop Dogg also commented about this recent trend making his own take on the style. Listen to the clip here: