Hotel Garuda Shines On New Multi-Dimensional Heater “Rush”

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Hotel Garuda has become a staple with his wide ranging productions. His latest release, the second off of his upcoming debut EP, is a supersonic new track called “Rush.”

Constant synths backed with uptempo percussion make “Rush” a perfectly suited title for this one. Strap in before listening, as “Rush” takes the listener on a high-energy journey with ebbs and flows that’ll rock you. Of his latest creation, Hotel Garuda admitted to being inspired by video games like Road Rash and Need for Speed: Underground. Referring to the visualizer that came along with the track, he added that it “captured exactly what [he] wanted: an exotic car on a nocturnal adventure, neon lights and all.”

Nocturnal adventure is a perfect way to describe Hotel Garuda’s latest, a track we can’t seem to stop listening to. Buckle up and stream “Rush” below, and stay on the lookout for his upcoming EP.

Hotel Garuda – Rush